6 TOP Reasons for Booking your Holidays Early - 2013 Early Booking Offer

It is never too early to book your summer holidays. Just as someone returns from their vacations, it is TIME to book for the next year holidays. Yes, this is the truth, and it is a life best practise. So I give you here 6 top reasons why it is better to book your summer holidays as early as possible.


1. Benefit from "early booking" offers. The majority of the accomodations have "early booking"   offers, so you can benefit from those and save money.

2. Benefit from time to choose more wisely. Since it is early, the majority of accomodation of any type it is available. So you have the luxury of choosing whatever you like, exactly in the period of time you want, and meet perfectly your personal and budget needs. You give exactly the money you want, and even less, because you avoid booking something more expensive just because all other accomodation is already taken. 

3. You can plan your budget more accurately. Having already decided about the fixed costs, you have the time  to save money if you feel like,  to spend it during the vacations for you and your family satisfaction and fun.

4. Learn about the place. You have the time to gather information and learn about the place and prices. 

5. Better excursion planning. You have the time to plan excursions, to draw the path you will take to reach your destination and plan more accurately the cost of each excursion.   

6. Most important of all, you have something to DREAM about, the whole year till next summer. More than dreaming, it is actually about designing and planning your days far away, and distract your mind, when anxiety strikes in winter time.
So decide early, book early, benefit early. 

Book early in our cottage and benefit from our EARLY BOOKING OFFER for 2013, which consists of:

1. Two bottles of beer.

2. One bottle of wine. 

3. Twenty four hour per day  free internet access PLUS free laptop use, during your stay. 

Mythos Beer

(PS In addition to those 6 reasons, there is a hidden bonus-reason: Ηaving early booked your holidays, and gaining all the benefits we talked about, you are so well prepared for holidays, that you start enjoying immediately. What I mean is that there is no time loss in holiday place to discover things, like prices and costs or having unpleasant surprices that prohibit you from relaxing.
So you actually prolong your holiday time)

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