Beach Cottage, Evia, Greece

Sleeps 6/8 and cot

Uniquely situated on euboean gulf beach Politika, this cottage is the perfect place for people who want to combine beach holidays and countryside holidays. 
Since there is wi-fi access, one can enjoy vacations but also keep in touch with things that should be done all year around. 
Ideal for a big family, consisting of people in different age, this beach cottage can provide the residents with space and privacy when they need it, without loosing the joy of togetherness.
The beach is a pebble one with nearly shallow sea, being calm most of the time. This makes swimming fairly safe for children.

Politika, Evia, Errietta under the umbrella
Cottage Beach - Pebble beach, shallow sea, calm most of the time
Errietta on the canoe
Cottage Beach - Pebble beach, shallow sea, calm most of the time
Ground Floor
The beach cottage is a two floor property. The ground floor is aprox. 70 sq m.
A fully equipped kitchen is located downstairs together with a dining area and spacious family room with colour tv and dvd player, that opens to the patio and front garden. The front garden leads to the beach. In addition, one bathroom with toilet, basin and a shower. 

In the ground floor, an annexe attached to the house can be found, 
with two semi-double bedrooms and a bathroom between them (loo, sink and shower). Elder people or teenagers can find this small appartment lovable. (ground floor, no stairs, seperate door)

First Floor
Upstairs, the first floor is aprox. 40 sq m.
In the first floor there is one master bedroom with a double bed, and a twin bed bedroom that can be used from children or adults. A cot is provided.
Also there is a small lobby with fridge, and a bathroom with toilet, basin and shower. This opens to a wonderful terrace overlooking the front garden and the sea, the Euboean Gulf.


View from first floor terrace 

View from first floor terrace

Dinning room, sits comfortably eight persons

Fireplace to keep you warm at chilly winter nights

Sitting room, with one 3 seater and two armchairs. Opens to patio and front garden and straight to the beach.

Sitting room, with one 3 seater and two armchairs. Plenty of room for extra chairs to sit up to ten. 

Kitchen fully equipped

View from the beach

Semi-double bedroom number 1. Looks south, front garden and to the beach.

Semi-double bedroom number 2. Looks north, upper part of the garden and to the fields. There is a fitted double wardboards.

Bathroom next to sitting room in ground floor, downstairs

Bathroom in between bedrooms, in ground floor, downstairs

Twin bedroom

Master bedroom in first floor, upstairs

Bathroom in first floor, upstairs

Entrance area, in first floor, upstairs

Patio outside sitting room. Patio dining table, can sit up to eight.

Patio and front garden view

Garden towards beach

Garden as seen from first floor

Outdoor dining room

Old olive tree in the garden

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