Politika - Village

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This greek style cottage is located in Northern Evia, on the beach of Politika Village (Paralia Politikon)  just one and half hour drive from Athens and 20 minutes from Chalkis. Politika that belongs to the municipality of Messapion, it is a graphic village in the Northern Evian Gulf, at the feet of the mountain Kantili. It abstains 22 km from Chalkis, and 8 km from Psahna capital of municipality Messapion.

The village is consisted of two parts, the inland part, and the beach.

Those are shots from the centre of the village, the main square. There are a lot of traditional tavernas and cafes around the square of the village. But you can also find mini markets, tobaco stores, press kiosks, bakeries, laundrettes and other essentials.

Those are shots from the beach of Politika. On the beach there are a lot of fresh fish taverns.

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