Beach Cottage in Evia Island, Greece| Main Building & Garden view

On this page we can see pictures of the main building of this greek beach home in Evia, in Politika village, and the surrounding areas. It is a two floor traditional beach cottage. The ground floor is aprox. 70 sq m.
A fully equipped kitchen is located downstairs together with a dining area and spacious sitting room that opens to the patio and front garden. The front garden leads to the beach. In addition, one bathroom with toilet, basin and a shower. Two of the four double bedrooms are also located in the ground floor, with one more bathroom with toilet, basin and shower, in between them.
Upstairs, the first floor is aprox. 40 sq m with two more double bedrooms, a small lobby with fridge and a bathroom with toilet, basin and shower. This opens to a terrace overloking the front garden and the sea. 

View from first floor terrace 

View from first floor terrace

Dinning room, sits comfortably eight persons

Fireplace to keep you warm at chilly winter nights

Sitting room, with one 3 seater and two armchairs. Opens to patio and front garden and straight to the beach.

Sitting room, with one 3 seater and two armchairs. Plenty of room for extra chairs to sit up to ten. 

Kitchen fully equipped

Kitchen fully equipped

Double bedroom number 1. Looks south, front garden and to the beach.

Double bedroom number 2. Looks north, upper part of the garden and to the fields. There is a fitted double wardboards.

Bathroom next to sitting room in ground floor, downstairs

Bathroom in between bedrooms, in ground floor, downstairs

Twin bedroom in first floor, upstairs

Master bedroom in first floor, upstairs

Bathroom in first floor, upstairs

Entrance area, in first floor, upstairs

Patio outside sitting room. Patio dining table, can sit up to eight.

Patio and front garden view

Main gate entrance - Inland view

Garden dining room, sit up to eight
Old olive tree in the garden

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