Summer 2009 - Καλοκαίρι 2009

Summer holidays in our resort. It is a naturally relaxing resort, with beautiful clean sea. The garden is full of fruit trees, flowers, and nice vegetable garden.
Enjoy the photos…

Our summer house, at Potitika, Evia. Sea view
Photo taken from the second floor of the house. This is the sea where we swim, very clean and "friendly".

Front Yard.
Very relaxing place, someone can sit on the big swing, and look at the trees and blue calm sea!

Voukamvilia in front of the patio

Our grapes, they are not ripe yet, but it will not take long to be ready, I hope...

Fig Tree
Figs, still small...


Vegetable garden - Tomatoes
Kyr Fwtis, my father's in law gardener, loves planting vegetables in a special place in our garden. It is our "mpostani", as we call it in Greece. That means "vegetable garden". We had one last year, kyr Fwtis planted one this year too. Tomatoes are really delicious, full of taste. You can see only one red, because every day we gather the ripe ones and we eat them!
Vegetable garden - Cabbages

Vegetable garden - Green tomato
Green Tomato

I do not know the enlish name, we call them tzanera. They are not ripe yet...nor grapes or figs are. So we have to wait till the time comes that everything will be ready and nice to be eaten!

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